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Adults only! Adults only! Adults only! Adults only! Adults only!

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Email: klotzzillaart@gmail.com

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About Me

This is my about me page! Have a question or want to know more about me? Well here's the place.For starters I'm an artist! I'm in my 30s, I have no preferred pronouns, I identify as agender, and I'm asexual. I love pretty much anything from the 60s to the 2000s (that wasn't problematic of course), but the 90s is my favorite decade. Though I'm sure you figured that one out already.

Q: Your front page says you're taking commissions again, is that true?
A: Yes, it is! I am officially taking on commissions once again. Just now I've figure out what caused my burnout before and how to avoid it for the future! If you want to know more, make sure to check out my commission page.

Q: I thought you said you didn't like adult art? What changed?
A: Well you're right, I did say I wasn't a fan. But I've come to realize that there were so many factors that contributed to my burnout from it. It had so much more to do with me and my art. Now I've changed my art style, I know to focus more on the stuff I enjoy creating and the break has reignited my fire!
Plus in a way, I really missed it. I'd met so many wonderful commissioners and friends through adult artwork! I long to have that sense of community again. Plus, I never hated the NSFW side of furry, I just was never the sexual type. I'm neither repulsed by adult artwork, nor am I drawn to it. More like the support on the side handing everyone a cup of lemonade, asking if you're all having fun.Not just that though. To me, all of this is just art. Aside from the obvious, I love all forms of art. For me personally, I don't feel much of a difference when drawing a PG piece or two furries boinking. So as long as I avoid the pitfalls of the past, I'm all game for drawing NSFW again. Heck, even inspired!

Q: But aren't you asexual? Why do NSFW art if you don't like it?:
A: Lots of reasons. Like I mentioned in the question above, I do miss it. Just because the content isn't my cup of tea doesn't mean I don't miss the people and the fun I had drawing it. That and I've just always enjoyed drawing, well, pretty much everything! I don't need to be a fan of dicks to have fun drawing them. Plus, I do still draw it on occasion for friends and my partner. Be a shame to just keep it hidden.

Q: Does this mean you don't find my idea hot or attractive? Does it turn you on?
A: There's honestly not much in this world I find attractive in the sexual sense of the word. But don't worry, I genuinely enjoy drawing NSFW for people. It's just sexual attraction isn't a driving force for my creativity. I just love the trill of creating art people enjoy! The thing that really "gets me going" is just drawing c:

Q: Why are you drawing it then? Why not just stick to SFW art?
A: Again, all the reasons I mentioned above! There's just a community you get when drawing adult content that you don't see elsewhere. It might all be filled with butts, boobs and bits, but the people are just so genuine and kind. Sure money's a factor of course, but I wouldn't be coming back if it was only about the money. Though I experienced dark moments in the furry fandom, it's given me far more than it's taken. I want to be apart of it again. I want to do my part in being a positive light in the furry community.
As they say: Keep furry weird!

Q: Why do you have so many accounts?
A: I mainly do this to help my followers curate their online spaces! I hate making people uncomfortable, so I'd rather make things easier on everyone. It also helps me focus on my audiences better. Rather than having to constantly keep things balanced, I can just focus on them at different times. Really just simplifying things in the end.
If you struggle to tell them apart, then don't! I'm honestly happier if you just consider them their own people. Think of me as a hydra. This me is just one head of several. The other heads all have their own interests, websites, and ways of doing things.

Q: Well then, if I want to commission Shadowpelt art from you, but you open commissions on another account, does that mean I should message you there?
A: I'd rather on you focus on what account is open at the time. Keeps me from getting mixed up in the end. If I open for commissions on one account, that means I'm only open for the content seen on that account.

Q: Are you still open to drawing (insert kink here)? What about taboo kinks?
A: If it's not listed on my "Will Draw" list, most likely not. You're always free to ask however. I know I might have drawn different content in the past, but right now I want to focus on the new me. All I can do now is move forward and do my best to focus on drawing the things I'm best suited for.
As far as taboo content goes, I will always stand firm on no rape, no underage NSFW, and no beastiality.

Q: I noticed your style changed, is it permanent? Can I still commission art in your old style?
A: Yes! The change to my style is permanent and it is potentially going to change more over time. I'm always looking to better myself and my art. My new style is more true to me and I love how it looks. I hope you all love it as much as I do.
As for commissions, if you want a piece drawn in my old style, it will cost an additional $100. I really want to move towards my new style, but I understand people might still want the chance at getting something in my old style. I know the price might seem steep, but I believe it's the perfect middle ground to keep people interested in my new style.

Q: That character on the front page, are they your new fursona? Do you still have your Impmon character?
A: Kind of yeah! They're more like my secondary fursona. After 30 years on this planet, I finally realized my fursona didn't have to look like me. So I made one that fit the me on the inside. And that version of me happens to be a big, fat dragon! As far as Puck goes, who knows. Right now, they just don't fit the current me. Puck was made when I was in a transitional period in my life. Now that I'm closer to finding out who I truly am, I no longer feel like Puck fits. But never say never.


Do you like my wares? Are you interested in a piece from me? Then you've come to the right place!I am currently OPEN for commissions.If you're ever interested in knowing whether I'm open or not, just check this website. Or if you prefer, keep an eye out over on Furaffinity. These two websites are currently my only websites for dishing out commission information. But if checking websites isn't your thing, you can also join my telegram chat. It's used only for commission openings and updates. Don't expect it to be very active! Also, do not attempt to message me on any platform to discuss commissions. I really appreciate the interest but I don't have the time. Forms make things easier on me and help to insure that I give you my best!

If you'd like a commission, you can fill out a form below. Again, I do not discuss commissions before hand. If you'd like to know if I'm okay with a specific theme or character before you commission me, you can contact me through Furaffinity notes or Email at klotzzillaart@gmail.com.

All communication will be done through the email above. I do not use Discord, Telegram or any other service to communicate outside of emails.

All prices are shown to the right (desktop) or at the bottom of the screen (mobile). For more examples of my newer style, please check out my 2024 art folder or my Furaffinity page.

How to Commission:

- Read my TOS
- Read my "Will Draw" lists below
- Fill out a form below
- Wait up to a week for a response
- Do NOT fill out a form if I'm not open

What I LOVE to Draw:
- Toon antics
- Big, round dragons
- Pear shaped characters
- Costumes (mascots/fursuits, not cosplay)
- Pooltoys and inflatables
- Nostalgic items and settings (ball pit, bounce house, playground, etc.)
- Fanart (more Western animation, less anime)
- Simple designs
- Taurs
- Characters with 2 heads
- Rule 34 (not including real people)

Will Draw:
- Any gender or species
- Vanilla NSFW
- Weird NSFW
- Inflation
- Transformation
- Cartoon style ferlas (Bugs Bunny, Charlie B Barkin, Angry Beavers, etc.)
- Hyper
- Watersports
- Slice of life themes
- Taurs
- Sweat and musk
- Cumflation
- Pregnancy
- Muscular characters
- Fat characters
- Multi
- Mimicking art styles (limited to only styles found in media, not other artists)

Will Not Draw:
- Armor (cartoony armor is fine, will not simplify detailed armor)
- Detailed vehicles
- Actors/Celebrities/Influencers
- Detailed weapons
- Incest
- Graphic violence (toon violence is great however)
- Hate imagery of any kind
- Any depictions of military (real or fictional)

Under NO Circumstances Will I Draw:
- NSFW or suggestive art of minors
- Noncon
- Bestiality

Please make sure all information is in the form. I will not accept any references, additional information, or changes sent to me outside of this form. If I choose to take your commission on, I will send you an email with the cost as well as an invoice to your paypal. If I cannot or will not do your commission, I will send you an email explaining why. If you'd like, you can then fill out another form. You're free to fill out as many forms as you'd like. But only fill out multiple forms if you intend to commission multiple pieces.

All commissions come with 2 versions. A normal piece as well as an additional, retro version.

Flat Colors: $125 per character

Simple Shading: $150 per character

Fully Rendered: $200 per character

Old Style, Flat Colors: $200 per character

Old Style, Simple Shading: $250 per character

Old Style, Fully Rendered: $300 per character

Abstract Background: Details are left entirely up to me to fit the vibe.

Simple Background: Low detail. Basic sky and ground or rough details.
+ $10-50

Average Background: More details. more defined shapes and depth.
+ $50-120

Complex Background: Lots of fine details. Inked in elements.
+ $150-???


Flat Colors:

Simple Shading:


Click images to read the description! Gives more information on background type and average cost.^

Coaz (Co-Azz):

Species: Dragon
Age: 40s in human years
Gender: Male / Agender (he/him)
Sexuality Pansexual
Personality: Chill, just wants to vibe, goofy, big lover.
Likes: Being a dragon, they 80s/90s/2000s, maximalism, Memphis style, birthdays, cake, moking weed, cuddling.
Dislikes: New tech, bigots, rude people, people who get mad over the internet.

Roxanne / Roxy:

Species: Clefable (Pokémon)
Age: 20s
Gender: Female (she/her)
Sexuality Bisexual
Personality: Over the top, loud, energetic, wants to be everyone's friend, manic, suffers from mood swings.
Likes: Loves punk/rock/punk-rock/screamo/emo music, fashion, getting dolled up, dancing, singing, shopping, chilling at malls, having kick-backs with friends, Maggy (bff).
Dislikes: The establishment, the government, posers, puritans, people being picked on, gross out things, doing nothing.

Marigold / Maggy:

Species: Wigglytuff (Pokémon)
Age: 20s
Gender: Female (she/her)
Sexuality Lesbian, Demisexual
Personality:]{#FF00D6} Somewhat quiet, semi introverted, a follower, does as she's told/asked, eager to avoid conflict, daydreamer, head in the clouds.
Likes: Loves punk/rock/punk-rock/screamo/emo music, designing outfits, crafting/sewing/clothes making, fashion, getting dolled up, dancing, singing, shopping, chilling at malls, having kick-backs with friends, Roxy (bff).
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, people she doesn't know in her bubble (outside of concerts), people mishandling her home-made items, being talked over.


Species: Human (Pokémon Trainer)
Age: 20s
Gender: Male / Demigirl (he/him or occasionally she/her)
Sexuality Pansexual
Personality: Brooding and moody, often acts annoyed, can't be bothered, easily flustered, secretly super submissive, loves to be teased but wont let you know, grump on the streets but a slut in the sheets.
Likes: Loves his Pokémon, training to become stronger, being edgy and dark, being dominated and told what to do, being embarrassed, being forced to wear costumes (seen above).
Dislikes: Losing (unless it ends in a night in someone's bed), being misunderstood, being alone for too long, having to be dominate (sexually).
Notes: Cole is a trainer to the Pokémon above. He can be drawn in NSFW images with them so long as they are anthro. Their anthro forms are from a totally different AU where Cole is not their trainer and all Pokémon are instead furries. Never draw him sexually with his feral Pokémon!

Pepperoni Pete:

Species: Dragon
Age:]{#FF00D6} Assumed to be 30s-40s
Gender: Male
Sexuality Unknown
Personality: Owner of a pizza chain in the same style as Chuck E. Cheese, very outgoing, humble, cheery, uncle or teacher like vibe.
Likes: Eating and making pizza, his restaurant (Pepperoni Pete's Pizza Place), kids (NOT in a creepy way), entertaining, singing, telling stories, food.
Dislikes: People being upset, bad food, no one laughing at his jokes, boredom.
Notes: Just like Chuck E. Cheese, Pete is the mascot for an entire restaurant and arcade. His place is fully decked out and reminiscent of a pizza place from the 80s-90s. In his normal universe, he's just a happy entertainer that appears as the mascot of the company, animatronic, on toys and decorations, as well as in mascot form. In another AU, everything is the same, just replacing kid's entertainment with adults. Aside from the complete absence of minors, everything remains the same. The only difference being the chance of NSFW shenanigans! Being possessed by the mascot suit, playing games with some "interesting" mechanics, the animatronics putting you into a trance. Only thing that's consistent is the overwhelming feeling of pure bliss and happiness felt when visiting Pepperoni Pete's Pizza Place.


Species: Sethmon Wild Mode (Digimon)
Age: Assumed to be 30s-40s
Gender: Male
Sexuality Gay
Personality: Grumpy, Saturday morning style cartoon villain, big plans to bully you, likes being in charge of you. Think Ogremon from Digimon World 1.
Likes:]{#FF00D6} Bullying, over eating, his digimon underlings, scheming.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, being bested, having to be a sub (he will enjoy it though).


Species: Puck (Imp/Digimon), usually an anthro Impmon but can be drawn as any Digimon. While a Gabumon, they wear a Terriermon pelt. All forms have a pouch (some images above missing pouch).
Age: 30s
Gender: Agender
Sexuality Pansexual / Asexual
Personality: Chill, vibes only, a little cocky, can get a lil grumpy, just wants to go back to the past, dreamer.
Likes: Anything between the 60s-2000s, food, chilling with friends, weed, bright colors, Memphis style, drawing.
[Dislikes: Anything modern tech, minimalism, cyperpunk, the world currently.

Interested in supporting me? Well first of all, thank you! This site takes a lot of time and money to run. Not just that, but I work full time! Donations allow me some freedom and extra time to draw free content for all!So please, consider supporting me today!If you'd like to support me, there's two options. You can either donate through my Ko-Fi link, or sign up to my Patreon. Ko-Fi is a one time, single tip, no commitments. You can also choose how much you'd like to tip! Where as Patreon is a subscription service with multiple tiers. If you choose to go with Patreon, you do get additional benefits!

Terms of Service:

1. Basics:I am not a machine. I am a human with feelings and a life outside of art. I view art as a business, not just a hobby and I will treat it as such. I will do my best to always remain professional and pleasant when working with you. Just because you commission me, does not make us friends. Please keep the commission process one of business. If a friendship comes of it, let it happen naturally and without art involved.I'm active between the hours of 12pm to 6pm PST, Monday through Friday. I may respond at different times during the day, but it is not guaranteed.

2. Commission Process:Give up to a week to hear back about your commission form.2a. WIPs: Wips will be given only at the sketch stage. You can find more info under step 6: Wips and Edits.2b. Finished Product: Once the WIP is given the okay, I will complete the commission in one go. There will be no further WIPs. I will not make any changes past this point unless I made a mistake. Note, if you forget to notify me of a change that needs to be made, I will not make a change to the final piece. Please be sure to thoroughly look over your WIP before giving the okay to move forward.

3. When Ordering a Commission:3a. Discussing Commissions and Artistic Freedom: I do not discuss commissions. So when commissioning, make sure you have your idea fully fleshed out. Once I send the invoice, your idea is locked in place. I will gladly take artistic freedom on a piece however. You can give me full, artistic freedom, or you may give me some loose guidelines. Feel free to keep these loose if you'd like, but only do this if you are 100% okay with the choices I make.3b. Commission Specifics: Please, when filling out the form, be specific and direct as possible. You can do this by:
- Giving me a flat colored image to use as a ref (max 2). Make sure colors and markings are accurate. Avoid giving me shaded images.
- Double check your references. Make sure there are no missing markings or inaccurate colors.
- Telling me the pose you'd like. Avoid linking art for an example. I will not use someone else's art as a base for your commission.
- Give me a general expression or single emotion the character is meant to be displaying. Please be sure to sum it up in a word or two.
- A small list or bullet points of details you want to see in the image. Avoid paragraphs.
- Give me reference images to help you explain your idea. A simple stick figure drawing can help a ton!
3c. Providing References: For your character reference, make sure you give me no more than 2, flat colored images to use as a reference. Make sure they are accurate before commissioning me. Do not provide me with references that do not clearly show off your character or that are overly shaded.When it comes to poses, consider using images or draw stick figure doodles to help convey your idea. You can help me a lot with a pose if you can give me a basic doodle of what you're looking for. Do not link me art drawn by another artist and ask me to copy the poses, characters, clothing or style.3d. Commission Information: Do not give me more information than needed. I do not need to know everything about your character, such as their personality or background story. Make sure all info given is relevant to the image I am drawing for you. Try to condense or even use bullet points instead of a paragraph. Long paragraphs are more likely to end up in confusion.3e. Permissions: When commissioning art from me, you are agreeing to either own all the characters being used in the image or you have explicit permission to use the characters in a commission. This means you asked the person ahead of time and had them agree to the idea being drawn by myself. This is not applied to fanart so long as the character comes from popular media.3f. Group Commissions: I do allow for multiple people to share a commission. If you choose to do a group commission, all people featured in the commission, paying or not, MUST read this TOS as well. I charge an additional 4% fee per person paying. This is to cover paypal fees. I will only discuss the piece with the person filling out the form. Sending WIPs, the final image, etc will all be done through one individual. It is their job to inform the others on the progress of the image as well as relaying information back to me. Make sure you and the other party are on the same page. Make sure you've both read over any information being sent to me. When going over the WIP and asking for edits, all rules stay the same. For more info, read WIPs and Edits below. I will ignore messages from other parties in the commission that have to do with changes or edits.

4. Payments:4a. Paying for Your Commission: All payments are in USD and are paid through PayPal unless stated otherwise. Do NOT send me payment before we have agreed on a price. I will then send you an invoice. I always take all payment upfront. Payment is required 48 hours after an invoice has been sent. The only exception to this is in regards to commissions $300 or more. Larger commissions that reach $300 or more may be paid in chunks. Art will only be done as it is paid. For Example: If it's a $300 full color piece and $100 is paid, I will do up to inks until the second half is paid.4b. Group Payments: See 3f. above.4c. Tips: I accept tips through the PayPal invoice or through Ko-fi. Tips are not necessary, but they are very much appreciated. Unless we've worked together before, I advise all tips be given after you've received your finished commission through Ko-fi. This way you can decide if the work was worth a tip or not!
My Ko-Fi can be found linked on the welcome page under "Support Me".

5. Refunds:5a. Refunding: You may request a refund at any time. I will send a refund as soon as possible. I might be away from the computer or asleep, so please give me time to reply. Do not do a charge back! If you cancel a commission or ask for a refund more than once, I may black list you from commissioning me. If I choose to cancel the commission due to personal reasons however, I will give a full refund. If I choose to cancel the commission due to rudeness or other issues between us, I will give a refund based on how much work has been done.5b. Refund Options: If you request a refund after I've already started, there is one of two options we might take:
I will refund you the amount calculated minus the amount of work I have already completed. You will be allowed to keep any completed work at this stage.
I give a full refund at the sketch stage. You relinquish all rights to any WIPs given and may not reuse or post them. I will then use any unused sketches as YCHs.

6. WIPs and Edits:6a. Works in Progress: I always start out with a very rough pose sketch. This is the best time to ask for any slight changes in posing. I only allow for one free redo at this point. Any additional changes cost extra. After a rough pose is given the okay, I will send a second, more detailed sketch. Once I've given you a WIP sketch, take a moment to process it before asking for edits. I do all edits in one go so make sure you catch any mistakes in this stage. I suggest looking over the sketch for at least 10 minutes before replying.6b. Failing to Give Information and Needing Additional Edits: If you end up wanting a complete change in posing after you've been given a second WIP:
- You pay an additional fee and I will redo the pose for you and you may keep the original WIP sketch.
- Or you can forfeit it for free and I will turn it into a YCH. You may not repost the first sketch if you go with the YCH method.
- If this happens a second time, I may issue a partial refund and cancel the commission.

7. Communication:If you are having issues reaching me, I might be busy. Give it 24 hours or check my FA or website as I may have posted an update there. I will always do my best to reply in under 24 hours if I am able. As mentioned before, do not contact me on other sites or on other accounts to phish for information on your commission. This includes messaging those close to me.

8. Additional Fees:I offer both discounts and additional fees. Discounts apply to things such as artistic freedom pieces, patreon art, and one-off sales. Additional fees on the other hand may be applied to things like rushed pieces, complicated scenes or alternate versions.8a. Additional Fees: I have the right to charge additional fees in areas as I see fit. These will be discussed before payment is received. Among these fees includes one based on difficulty. Things such as difficult/an abundance of markings, wings, many small details, etc.8b. Alternate Versions: I do allow for an alternate version of an image within reason, but they always cost extra. Simple edits will not cost much, but large edits with quite a bit of redrawing may cost up to double. Due to the wide range of variations one may ask for in regards to their commission, I do not give out estimates on alternate versions.8c. Private Commissions: I am also okay with private commissions. I offer a few options, such as:
- Entirely private, I will not post your image. This costs $10-50 extra depending on the type of commission.
- I am free to post the commission, but I must not mention who it is for or simply do not mention it was a commission. This is free.
- Or I can edit the colors and markings of the character and post it without mentioning it was commissioned.
8d. Discounts: Below are several discount options and how much of a percentage I will take off of the total when applied.
- Patreon: Exclusive to Vanilla NSFW, Transformation, Toon pieces and less extreme forms of hyper. Must remain a patreon exclusive for 3 months. You get a copy right away, but cannot share or post it until 3 months has passed. 10% off
- Artistic Freedom: 10% off if you plan to give me some guidance. 20% off if given full artistic freedom (you can of course still choose the character and your desired kink/simple idea.

9. Rights:9a. Breaking my TOS: Rights and permissions may be revoked at any time if I found you breaking my TOS. I will politely contact you about this first. If no reply is received or if you refuse to cooperate, I will work towards contacting any Mods/Admins needed as well as file a DMCA. Breaking my TOS may result in being blacklisted from future commissions as well as being blocked.9b. My Rights: You may own the character(s) in the image, but I remain all rights to the image itself. This means unless you purchase the full rights to the image that:
- I may post the image wherever I please. Unless the commissioner pays private fees or royalties.
- I may sell art packs featuring the art with clear instructions that purchasing the pack does not include rights to the character or art. Including the ability to upload the art.
- I will not remove the image if you've had a falling out with someone in the image or do not want it public any longer. (unless a private fee is paid)
- I may use it as an example for future commissions and portfolios.
- You may not deface the image.
- You may not profit from the image.
This does not mean:
- I am claiming to own your character(s).
- That I will resell your character or the image.
- I will sell the image as prints/shirts/etc.
9c. Reposting: You are free to repost the image I drew for you, so long as you:
Give credit and link to my proper profile (more info below under 10. Credits)
Link to the original if applicable.
You may /NOT/ remove or crop out my signature. Unless you are using the image as an icon.
9d. Editing My Art or Your Commission: Under no circumstance are you allowed to edit an image I have drawn for you without permission. This includes:
- Adding or removing details from the image.
- Paying someone else to edit/color/shade the image.
- Having someone use it to make a flash animation.
- Removing my signature.
- Using the image as a logo or as a way to promote yourself or your business. This also includes things such as use on streaming sites, thumbnails for videos, website graphics, etc.
If I found you have edited or misused a commission you've received from me, I may take up action with you. If you would like me to make some changes, say in the case of you adding new markings or something similar to your character, let me know. Depending, I may make these changes for free. You or a friend are allowed to color/shade your commissioned sketch/line work, so long as it was done for free and I am still credited for the work I did.9e. Your Rights: You are free to privately do what you want with your image. Such as print it out, put it on a shirt, make a sticker out of it, etc. So long as it is for your personal use only. Please do not use the commissioned art as a telegram sticker, as a spray in TF2, or in other similar ways without asking me first. I will most likely say yes, but I may want to be credited or have some rules in place.As mentioned above, you do not own the rights to any completed work unless you pay an additional fee.
This means you may not profit from my art in any way, even if you commissioned it. This means not selling shirts, stickers or other merchandise featuring the image.
If you wish to use the image for promotion, merch or or in ways that exceed personal use, let me know.
Using my art in this way will cost an additional fee we can discus during the commission process.
9f. Changing of Ownership: If you resell a character featured in a commission I drew for you, this is fine. Just please, inform the new owner of my TOS. This way they can refrain from infringing on my TOS.10. Credits:As mentioned before, I do require credit whenever my art is reposted or shared. This includes Discord and Telegram chats. Link when possible! You may choose to link to my site directly, or may link directly to the image as well. My Furaffinity is also a perfectly fine page to link as well when giving credit.